Saturday, August 14, 2010

...and the Creatures have all Fled

I took a trip to the zoo, under the pretense that I was going to draw there. Well, I was, but in fact I also just like to walk around there and see all the animals. The zoo had some wonderful aquariums. Fish are hard to capture in a drawing however, they're constantly on the move. 

Whenever I found a creature interesting enough, and more importantly, willing enough to hold still for a little while, I'd sit down and do a quick sketch. I'm a slow drawer, I like to take my time, but you have to be fast for these kind of drawings. It's good excercise.

There is Unrest in the Forest...

I've been sketching and painting around during my holiday, as much as the weather allowed. Painting in the rain, as 'romantic' as it may sound, it's not. It's a mess. Trust me, I've tried...but hey, valuable plein-air painting lessons learned: check the weather report!

There is something about working from nature that is rewarding and reassuring. For me, it is not so much about 'photographing' a beautiful view, but more about spending some time with your subject. Trees, more than anything, have a character of their own. There's actually one tree that was unfotunate enough to have been struck twice by wind and lightning, that had an irresistible presence, even though it was severely damaged. I drew it twice.